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Industrial Weld Overlays Services

We are Manufacturer, Services Provider of Industrial Weld Overlays from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Weld overlay is a welding process where one or more metals with specific characteristics are applied to a base metal to improve desirable properties or to restore the original dimension of    the component.
Weld overlay may also be referred to as cladding, hard facing, weld cladding or weld overlay cladding.
The main purpose for weld overlay is its use for corrosion resistance or wear resistance.
Whilst most components will have corrosion allowance built into their wall thickness the wastage rate can still be excessive for certain materials such as carbon steels or low alloy steels.    Weld overlay provides a surface protection which then allows the substrate material to provide strength requirements to meet codes and standards, allowing the equipment to operate in a    cost effective manner.
Weld overlay can be applied to many valves and vessels and is most commonly used within the oil and gas industry.
Weld Overlay

CHETANA CAPACITORS offers you to complete solution for Corrosion Resistance & Hard Facing by Weld overlay process.
We have our Plant situated at Chinchwad, Pune Maharashtra having floor Space of 3000Sqft.

We have highly experienced qualified Welding Engineers, Qualified Welders to satisfy customer needs & expectations. All our Welding Procedures & Welders qualified by External Third Party Agency & all Testing done at National Accredited Laboratory. Our State-of-the art welding facility is certified with ISO 9001-2000 & Other customer approvals. We believe in,

Weld Overlay Capabilities
Overlay Alloys SS - 309L, 309LMo, 316L, 316, 317L, 310 & 347
Nickel Alloys – 200, 400, 625
Wear Resisting Alloys – Stellite 21, Stellite 06
Base Metals Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel & Other
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Weld Overlay Capacity
Valves Diameter Range Base Metal Thickness Weld Overlay
Body, B/A, Hsg 3” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Ball, Gate, Plug 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Flanges Size Range Base Metal Thickness Weld Overlay
WNRF & RTJ, BLRF 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Pipes Diameter Range Base Metal Thickness Weld Overlay
Seamless Pipes 2” & 24” Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Fittings Size Range Base Metal Thickness Weld Overlay
Elbows 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Tees 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Weldolets 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Sockets 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
Reducers 2” & Above Min. 7mm & Above 1.5mm to 9mm
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Weld Overlay Facility
We at CHETANA CAPACITORS established our plant with sophisticated weld overlay equipment’s & fixtures to cater the need of industry mostly in Oil & Gas field.
Our Plant is equipped with highly automated equipment’s such as Automated CNC control systems which increases the efficiency of welding processes & enables us to manufacturer more parts in less time, while minimizing scrap, increasing quality & improving working environment.
We have various welding process such as GMAW, GTAW synchronized with Automated CNC control systems. This fulfills the need of weld overlay at critical locations, other than round shape    of the parts also deep bore.
Our Team of efficient Engineers & qualified Welders available to give you solutions for any type of Special weld overlay applications for corrosion resistance (SS316L, Inc625) & Hard facing weld overlay (Stellite 21, Stellite 06).
Weld Overlay Facility
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Quality Control Process
Following Check points established for Weld Overlay Items by Qualified & Trained QC Engineers :–
Visual Inspection Prior to Welding, In-process & Final Inspection.
Dye penetrant testing Prior to Welding, In-process & Final stage.
Ultrasonic Testing after Welding.
Weld overlay Thickness measurement.
Positive Material Identification Test.
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